Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Brianna Catania
Professor Ellis
EN.101. 14
25 September 2013
                                                            iExamen 1
          I chose Tuesday, September 24th to evaluate my day. At 10 am, my alarm began to ring, I can never wake up to the first alarm, so the snooze button was pressed. 10:09, my alarm began to ring again. This time, I knew I had to get out of bed. Gosh, I felt like I’d been hit by a train as soon as I stood up out of bed. Could it be this time again? The seasons are changing already? I feel like it was just July. My body was not able to fight it off this time, the common cold.
          Class began at 10:50 am. I couldn’t keep my eyes open, but I had to. My teacher talks way too fast, I barely had the energy to pick up my pen and write. Good thing I have my friend, Danielle, sitting beside me in class, she showed me a funny youtube video of a baby cheetah and in the background played Katy Perry’s “Rawr.” Right after she sang the words, “And you’re gunna hear me” The baby cheetah let out a cute “rawr” in place of Katy Perry’s “rawr.” It find it incredible how a short youtube video could brightened my mood. For some reason during class I looked down to find that I had two different flip flops on. My outfit choice wasn’t exactly my best. I laughed to myself knowing this day couldn’t get any worse.
          After English class I decided that today was the day to turn off my phone for an hour, maybe my day had potential of getting better. As soon as I left the room, I turned my cell phone off. My friend Alex and I decided to do this portion of the assignment together. As soon as I walked out of the doors of the Donnelly Science Center I saw a praying mantis on a memorial plaque. I’m usually terrified of bugs, but this little guy looked peaceful. Praying mantis’ are known for being good luck, so I decided to take a picture. As I reluctantly stepped closer to it, Alex says, “I hope it jumps on you.” I ignored his comment and was successfully able to take the picture. We walked up Cold Spring Lane, past Mrs. Shirley’s, and through a neighborhood. The houses around that area are really beautiful. I was able to take in and appreciate the flowers, trees, and butterflies. It was a beautiful day, not too hot and not too cold. The people that live around there were so friendly, everyone waved and said “hello” as we walked past them.
          This assignment was really fun. I enjoyed being able to walk around and enjoy the fresh air without checking my cell phone every few minutes. This assignment help me find the beauties in nature that I had never taken time to notice before. I had such a relieving and calm feeling after our walk, that I didn’t even want to turn my cell phone back on. After this iExamen assignment was presented in class, I was a little nervous and worried if I would be able to cut ties with technology for an hour. I would like to shut my phone off more often, and take walks with friends while the weather is still beautiful. I notice more when I’m not staring down at my phone, and I met some really kind people. I’m from New York, so people there don’t normally say “hello” to strangers, so it was a nice feeling.

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