Wednesday, September 25, 2013

iExamen 1

Nicole Freemyer
            On Tuesday September 24, I woke up, showered, and asked my roommates what I should wear for my interview later that morning.  I put extra effort into picking out my clothes and doing my makeup because I wanted to make a good impression during my interview for peer tutoring at The Study.  As I walked over to The Study I noticed myself walking with my arms crossed and looking down, probably because I was nervous about being interviewed.  When it was finally my turn to be interviewed, I walked into the tutor coordinator’s office and was immediately relieved when she greeted me with a friendly and cheerful voice.  As I was answering questions, I made sure to make direct eye contact and respond confidently.  The interview went well and I was relieved when it was over. 
            During my walk to English class, I no longer walked with my head down and arms crossed because I wasn’t worried about the interview anymore.  Instead I stopped along the way to say hello to some friends.  During English, I participated multiple times and had some mini-discussions with my classmates.  But in my management class later that day, I did not participate nearly as much because my teacher is somewhat intimidating.  I noticed that I am more confident in my ability to participate in class when I feel comfortable around my professor and classmates.
            Spending an hour without any electronics was pretty difficult.  Multiple times, I would reach over to check my phone and realize it wasn’t there.  I am so used to automatically checking my phone and this is a bad habit that I need to break.  Without technology, the homework that I was doing during that hour took a little longer than it would have with my computer and I think I really take technology and electronics for granted.  This iExamen helped me notice aspects of myself that I would not have otherwise noticed such as the way I walk and look at people when speaking to them.  I need to take more time out of my life for self-observation because I think it will help me learn more about myself.     

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