Wednesday, September 11, 2013

EN 101.16 Essay #1

Alexander Jordan
11 September 2013
EN 101.16
Dr. Juniper Ellis
Troubles Come and Go but Friends Last Forever
            Over the past year I have seen relationships face very different dilemmas but they always seem to last. Friendships are something that binds one person to another. It may be just a friendship or it may be a romantic relationship; but each type has a sense of unity and strength that creates an atmosphere in which one can be their true self. Every person faces times of strife and difficulty but they can always count on a friend to be there to pick them up. I’ve found that at Loyola the students, professors and other workers in the Loyola community show a profound friendliness and willing to help anyone who is down, even if they are a complete stranger. The stories and poems that we read the last few days have shown me that it is not just her, at Loyola, but rather friendships are everywhere.
            In the poem “Mending Wall”, the two trees faced a problem; there was a brick wall blocking their friendship. Every time the trees would try to get together the brick wall would block them. They continued to try to get together until the cracks allowed them to reach each other. They faced a big problem but they continued to work together until they were able to become one and make a bond.
            In the “Accident, Mass. Ave.”, two people who may have never become friends, became friends in a very strange way. A lady backs into another woman’s car and the woman steps out of her car and begins yelling at the other lady. After a moment, they realize there is no damage to the cars and the woman proceeds to make small talk with the lady. She proceeds to hug her and they may continue their relationship.  This leads me to the next poem which speaks about two drastically different parties coming together.
            “Learning to Read” speaks about an older woman who was unable to read her bible. The north sends teachers to the south to show slaves how to read. Although it doesn’t explicitly say it, the teachers that were sent down I’m sure made a lasting impression on the slaves and continued to remain friends.
            Through my experience in community service throughout my high school education I have found that I can make a lasting impression. In Fr. Peter-Hans Kolvenbach’s text, it spoke to me about leaving lasting impressions, bettering a community that may not be able to better themselves, and creating a new path for people less fortunate to travel. I worked for Habitat for Humanity. Through my work I not only made friends with other helpers but also with the new home owners. I have emailed them from time to time and enjoy knowing that they are happy and grateful for my help. We may not be the best of friends but there is a relationship that some people may never understand between the people I’ve helped and me.
            During Stephen Graham Jones’ speech today he told a story about a girl. He spoke about using drugs for this girl. Although use of drugs for someone is not something that promotes a healthy friendship, it does however show how strong a friendship can be and how willing people will be to do things for someone else. It just shows that friendships can be an overwhelming sensation that consumes a person.

            Difficulties may be large, may be small, may be nearly impossible to overcome, or easy to conquer; but no matter what problem it is, you can overcome it. It only takes one thing, friends. Troubles come and go but friends will last forever.

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