Wednesday, September 25, 2013

iExamen-- Tuesday Sept. 24th

Victoria Jamiel
Dr. Ellis
24 September 2013


            IT CANNOT ALREADY BE 7:30am. My 4-hour nights sleep, due to massive amounts of homework, went by much quicker than anticipated. The snooze button on my alarm clock is now my best friend.  Thank you technology.  

            The demeanor of my classmates and I is directly reflected by the subject in which we endure together. For example, in my 9am accounting class, MUMS IS THE WORD. No one speaks, only when directly spoken too. Coffee is guzzled as my classmates fight to keep their eyes from closing shut. Once closed, there is no way to unbreak the adhesive glue keeping them together. Although, I assume my teacher must understand the struggle we all suffer.
            Today’s clothing choice was particularly interesting. There has been a shift from high-waist jean shorts and baby-doll cotton dresses to sweaters and jeans. Oh and of course the athletic clothes. I can easily spot who the friends in the class are simply by their clothes. The four girls sitting in the back left corner always wear gym shorts and a t-shirt. Amanda, in the front sits next to Jenny, and they both rotate between dresses and skirts daily—but always have on a cardigan. It makes me think if a requirement of their friendship is based on dress codes. Then again, I shouldn’t make assumptions based on appearances. Does my Medusa inspired frizzy hair make me appear that I am lazy, or is it just a reflection of my 4-hour night sleep? No one asks. I’m not surprised though, that would require them to talk. The only form of communication at this hour is sneaky texts messages from underneath the desk. My teacher is not blind; but do they think he is?
            One hour without electronics… without social media… without communication over the inter-web. One hour when I am forced to reflect. It is this hour that I can truly relax. I take this opportunity to go for my daily run, but this time without music, or a route tracker. Just nature and I for 60 minutes. The sound of dogs barking in the near-by neighborhoods, the first leaves of fall rustling on the sidewalk besides me and the friendly power-walker’s joyful “hello” ignite an instant connection between nature and me. I usually get lost in my pump up techno music accompanied by the robotic woman’s voice telling me how many miles I have traveled and in how many minutes; but this time is different. I am not running to escape from stress, but to embrace the peace and serenity that surrounds me.

            I come home, to meet Michelle—the hamster. My roommate Gina is dancing while on the phone with her mom singing, “I BOUGHT A HAMSTER BECAUSE YOU DEPRIVED ME AS A CHILD! YOU ONLY NEED TO BE 18 TO BUY AN ANIMAL…THAT’S BREATHING! GOD TOLD ME TO BUY A HAMSTER!!!!!”  All I can do is laugh. She’s normal I swear. She says whatever is on her mind. It’s a nice change from people who are afraid to be honest. They either do not want to hurt other’s feelings, or they just do not know themselves well enough to have an opinion. I am truly inspired by the confident people, who take a stand, share their opinions, and who are not afraid to live in the moment.

            My day in review: Everything is good in MODERATION. Friends wear similar clothes not to be a clique, but because they share common interests. Although a little originality is what keeps people unique. Texting is an efficient way to send a quick message but it takes away from personal relationships and face-to-face engagements. If you ask me, it is easy to get lost in the trance of technology. It is everywhere, even the second you wakeup in the morning. It provides instant satisfaction. Once you are able to break that trance, like I did today for simply 60 minutes, it can easily change your perspective on what is important. The simple things become more apparent. The contagious energy from the free-spirited roommate or the times when you just laugh and laugh… and cannot stop laughing. Even the times when you share an unspoken bond with your classmates over the inability to tune in to “debits and credits” at 9am. It about enjoying the people around you and not being afraid to try something new. 

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