Wednesday, September 25, 2013

iExamen 1

Patrick Kelly
iExamen 1


            Today I had a test at 6:30 pm so most of my day was pretty much wrapped around that. At first I thought it would be a bad idea to pick the day I had a test because I would just be studying the entire time but the truth is it made my interactions with people different then what they would normally be.
            Today I woke up at 7 am in the morning to begin studying for my Taxation of Business Entities test, which as I said before was at 6:30 pm, and in order to study for my test without falling asleep I had “coffee”, a good amount of “coffee” (something to keep in mind to make sense of my interactions later on). I was completely zoned into everything I was doing today, I felt like I was doing everything at 100% efficiency. For instance even when I brushed my teeth I can honestly say no one has ever brushed their teeth as well as me this morning. As my morning went on and I was studying, I could hear my roommates in the living room watching T.V. and laughing so I decided to take a break. They were watching “Joe Dirt” so I sat down and watched it with them. When we are all watching T.V. together there isn’t much talking going on because everyone is very zoned in, the only sounds that are being made by us is laughter due to “Joe Dirt’ being a hilarious movie. Due to having “coffee” I was even more so zoned into the movie and what felt like 5 minutes actually turned into the whole movie. Luckily when the movie ended one of the kids in my house reminded me that I had to go study and told me not get zoned into another movie.
I want back to my room and started studying again. I didn’t really have many interactions with people face to face for a while because I was locked away in my room studying but I was doing a lot of texting mainly because I was just trying to procrastinate. Again I got zoned in but this time it was to my phone. I noticed that I try to make a lot of little jokes when I’m texting and if the person whom I was texting didn’t know my personality then that person would probably think I was a huge weirdo. Also I played a good amount of candy crush, which is an awesome game on my phone, trying to avoid any studying that I should have done (I won’t say what level I’m on in candy crush because I don’t want to brag but I’m on level 199). Eventually though I told myself enough was enough and I got back to studying. I studied for a while and then 6:00 pm came around so I got in my car and drove to campus to take my test. It’s funny how you can be studying something for hours and then when you walk away from it for ten minutes you feel like you forgot everything you just studied. But when I got my test and started looking at the questions it all came back to me. The test was actually pretty easy and when I talked to my classmates after the test, they all felt the same way. I drove two kids who were in my class to their place in homeland after the test. They actually use to both live on my floor sophomore year so it was cool to talk to them because I felt like I haven’t in a while.
When I got back home it was about 9:00 pm and I put my laptop, phone and all over electronics away for one hour. I even made my roommates keep the T.V. off for the hour. The six of us sat around our living and talked mainly about sports, basically how the Giants are awful and the Jets are better. It was actually kind of nice because usually when we are all in the living the T.V. is on and there isn’t much conversation.
            To be perfectly honest my assumption going into this iExamen was that it was going to be stupid and a waste of time but I actually enjoyed it. It was pretty cool to step back and almost view myself as I went through a normal day, kind of like I was watching myself in the third person. I realized that just because you are living in the same house as five other guys doesn’t mean your actually living with them. There is more to it then just all being under the same roof; it’s about spending time together, having conversations and enjoying each other’s presence. But for right now its time for me to go to bed because it has been a long day and I have been up for way to long.

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