Wednesday, September 25, 2013

iExamen 1

Catherine McCormack
EN 101.16
iExamen 1
September 25, 2013

A Day in the Life
            On Tuesday, September 24, my 10:00 alarm came earlier than I expected, and was still tired even though I felt as if I had gotten a good nights rest.  The first thing I do in the morning is look at my phone, respond to the text I did not get a chance to from the night before and update myself on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  Morning’s are quiet in the apartment, I noticed myself not engaging in too many conversations with my roommates, not only because I do not have much to say, but because I am not really a morning person.  We eat all our meals together, but breakfast seems to be the most laid back with the least conversation as we are all rushing to get ready for class and eat in time. 
             During class time, I noticed myself paying attention more when my teachers were writing notes than when other students participated in class.  During passing time, between classes, I found myself looking down at my phone if I was not walking with anyone, as I felt awkward walking without doing something.  I noticed myself walking faster when I was by myself than when I as with friends, and often times when I saw someone that I know passing by, I wait to make eye contact before saying hello so I know that they see me and know who I am.
            Tuesday’s are my busiest class days, I have three classes in a row from 10:50-3:00 each day, so I do not have the time to constantly look at my phone during those time periods, but I did notice that the first thing I did whenever I got out of class was look at my phone, respond to a text, check social media or make a phone call. Even when I was walking with friends between classes, I would have my phone on my and use it while talking with others, so it was almost a distraction as I was not fully attentive to either of the conversations I was having.           
            Stressed about my midterm exam that I had to prepare for the next day, I put my phone away after I got out of my last class.  I noticed that I was almost more focused on the conversations I was having because I was not distracted by the vibrate of my phone, and did not lose focus on the conversation I was having in person because of another one that was going on via text message.  I seemed more engaged in the conversation and was able to hold the conversation for longer than I felt it normally would have been.    I was also much more focused on my studies, but felt myself reaching for my phone to check the time and see if I had any new notifications because this is something I do very regularly during the day.
            My parents especially have also told me that I am constantly on my phone and I think that this iExamen has made me realize that I do depend on my phone a lot more than I realizes.  I always have my phone on me, and like I am missing something without it.  It is an easy way of communicating, but I think that I need to take more time out of my day to self reflect and steer away from technology and social media, as it is often more of a distraction.  

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