Wednesday, September 25, 2013

iExamen 1

Jeneh Perry
September 25, 2013
iExamen 1

I chose to pick a weekday for my iExamen, so Monday I woke up at 7 to go to morning workout. Walking from Newman to the locker room next to Boulder is exactly a 10-minute walk. There was no one else up walking, so I texted the entire way there. I tweeted “good morning” to all of my followers on twitter and told 5 people good morning in texts. Workouts were long. I am not a morning person and hate talking to people early in the morning. During workouts I did not say much and my body language was not inviting at all. About half way through I started to laugh and talk to my teammates. We listen to music while we lift and I danced and sung along to most of the songs.
I like to talk to people in person not via electronics. All day I talked to people on campus as I passed them walking to class and even met up with some of them for lunch and dinner. However, some of these same people I do not talk to in texts. The conversations I started earlier that morning I never continued. I take forever to reply. The shortest reply time was an hour and 48 minutes. I, also, never got on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook other then times where I was extremely bored, and I never posted anything. I just looked at what other people put on them.
My phone is not that important to me to have on me at all times. I think one reason for that is because the type of phone I have makes texting and social networks hard to use so I just rather not bother using them. I talked on the phone twice. Once was to talk to my mom and check in with school and basketball, and the other was to call one of my friends to see where she was so we could meet to go eat. When I had to get away from technology for an hour it was not that hard. The only irritating thing was that I felt like I was unreachable and I would be able to find out if something happened and I needed to be informed. Other then that, I thought it was easy, and after the hour was over I still did not use my phone much. 

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