Wednesday, September 25, 2013

IExamen 1

Victor Ruiz Diaz
Dr. Ellis
EN 101.16
26 September 2013
IExamen 1

                I decided to do my iExamen on Sunday September 22nd because I thought that a Sunday would be much easier to concentrate on the tasks mentioned on the iExamen rather than doing it during a weekday where there is so much going on between classes that I would be harder to focus on small details of your day. Unfortunately Sunday started really bad because there was a fire alarm woke us at five in the morning, my eyes were half close until I stepped out of the apartment to hear the loudest noise in my life. When we came back I could not fall asleep again because I was awake for too long. So after a half hour rolling over and over I decided to turn on my laptop to see if any of my Facebook contacts were available to chat. Luckily for me there is a two hours difference between the United States and Paraguay; so I chatted with my sister for couple of hours.

                Finally one of my roommates stepped out of his room because he wanted to watch some TV before searching for a place to eat breakfast.  We have a few conversations about sports, and about the movie we end up watching. I tried to notice my roommate’s facial features as he was talking to me, until a certain point where he asked me why I was looking at him in a strange way. Then I just decided to talk to him while I face to the TV screen. Later that day when I went to Boulder to get something to eat I noticed how other people move their hand very often while they are speaking to each other. I decided to leave my phone before so I was the only one in my table that was not looking down every few second to check any alerts from social networks. After washing my cloths I went back to my cell phone to see anything happened while I was gone. Not much, only a few missed phone calls from my mom.

                Then I decided to check if anybody was available to chat with me for a little while. I found a friend from my high school; and without noticing I ended up chatting with three or four other people throughout the rest of the afternoon. It is hard to admit that I communicate better by texting with other people; I noticed that while I shut down my cellphone I did not have many chances to start a conversation with anyone. I am not very talkative without the help of a smartphone. This IExamen made me wonder and realize how only a few years ago people use to have long and interesting conversations during lunch, walking down the street, in the living room, anywhere and that now with all the different kinds of smartphones and the advances of technology we barely talk to one another using our mouth. Instead of exercising our tongue, we exercise ours thumbs.

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