Wednesday, September 25, 2013

iExamen 1

Patrick Donohue
Understanding Literature
Dr. Ellis

iExamen 1

                        From this observation I chose Sunday September 22nd.  Sunday seemed to be the perfect day in order to evaluate myself in my home environment at school.  I woke up to a fire alarm at 5:00 AM.  Waking up that early is never a great experience, now having to go outside in the bitter cold after a long night out just hours before, you could say I was a tad peeved.  Back to bed until about 10:30 AM where I woke up and did my morning duties in the dorm of laundry and cleaning.  My roommates finally woke up around 11:30 and we exchanged sarcastic remarks and the occasional retort involving each other’s mothers. 
            The common practice for our room on Sundays is to post up in the living room and gorge on food and watch football for most of the day.  When communicating with my roommates and friends I found that the best way of communicating with them was with face-to-face contact.  Calling someone via cell phone is the next best way of communicating with my friends.  While using text messages I found that most of my main ideas were not conveyed and if anyone knows me my sarcasm is not always understood via text.  I always end up offending someone, so as counter-cultural as it sounds, I avoid using text messages. 
            Another Sunday ritual of mine is to Facetime (or video call) my family at home.  I like to give them a weekly update of what I have been up to.  We talk for about a half an hour and then move on to my siblings and call them at their respective colleges.  It is nice to see their faces but there is nothing better than seeing them face-to-face. 
            For the hour that I completely shut off technology, I isolated myself for a portion of the hour in my room and read an assignment for my classes on Monday.  Without technology I found it difficult to communicate with anyone. I did however have a hilarious hypothetical discussion with my roommates on if I could actually befriend the players on my fantasy football team.  My conclusion was that although my team is awesome, they are all too arrogant to befriend any of them. 
            At the end of the day I had some time to reflect and I found that my favorite time communicating with my friends was, as terrible as it sounds, when we were making fun of each other.  It’s a whole lot of fun going back and forth and we all enjoy it, we all get a turn to be the butt of a joke or two.  It is a healthy relationship that we can all throw some jokes around.  Although technology makes things faster when communicating there is nothing better than the old-fashioned phone call or meeting someone for a cup of coffee.  

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