Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I Examen 1

Nigel Hunter
EN 101.16
               Last Friday my first ever smartphone came in the mail. The previous phone I had for over five years was old and outdated so getting an iPhone for the first time was an exciting experience. All day Friday I played with all the new aps on my phone, texting, and sometimes not even doing anything particular on it, but still using it anyways. I was completely out of touch with reality and had very minimal human interaction. The few interactions I did have, I found myself still on my new phone while trying to listen to the person speaking to me at the same time. It got so bad to the point where I almost got hit by a car walking home from class!
               I figured that doing this experiment would be most effective the day after I got my new IPhone which is why I chose Saturday afternoon. As my IPhone was away I found myself sub consciously putting my hands in my pocket to pull it out, only to remember that it wasn’t there. My interaction with my roommates increased as I suggested that we pass the time by going out to eat. At the diner however my roommates were mostly on their phones which I found very rude and annoying considering that I didn’t have mine or anyone to talk to. Through text message I would have perhaps told them how frustrated I was and how rude they were being, however in person I was not willing to confront them. By the time we got back to the room the hour was up and I went back to the way I was previously behaving. I rushed to my phone to check all the messages that I had missed (I had none).
               What I learned from this assignment was that I pay a lot more attention to my surroundings when I am not using technology. I also got a chance to see what I look like from other peoples perspectives when I am on my phone constantly. My craving for human interaction increased as well as my anticipation to return to my phone. I can see how this is in fact harmful and hope that the more I use my new iPhone the more the excitement of it will fizzle out and the less I will use it as frequently in the long run.

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