Wednesday, September 25, 2013

iExamen 1

Adam Safi
Professor Ellis
iExamen 1: Discernment on Human Interaction
This past Sunday I chose to observe the way that I communicated with others around me. I observe the way I communicate with others on a daily basis, but this Sunday I discerned my observations in an attempt to find something the Jesuits would call magis or “the more”. When I read the instructions for the iexamen I realized the assignment was very similar to an assignment I was given in my high school, so felt confident in my ability to reflect in an attempt to further understand myself.
At noon I awoke and got dressed in sweats. I realized that due to the fact it was Sunday I really did not care how I looked. However, on my way to breakfast I ran into some of my friends who had just gotten out of mass. I observed that the way people dress conveys a level of seriousness-business men wear suits and high school kids wear tee shirts- I felt underdressed to say the least.
When I arrived at Iggy’s I had a conversation over text message with my girlfriend that read “Hey,” “What’s up,” “Not much,” “How bout u”... I realized that I love the girl with all my heart, but I did even begin to express how I felt. It made me wonder why I had said so little; I contemplated all of my breakfast. Eventually, I realized that I love the girl, life is short and I should tell her more how I felt about her. 
At 1pm I decided it was time to turn off the phone, and spend an hour without technology. I decided to go for a walk in the woods and surround myself with nature. In the woods I really did not communicate with anyone except for the occasional good afternoon to one of the few people I passed. I thought about how many different ideas and feeling that I have in any given day, and how few of them I share with others. I concluded that my character lacked depth and by attempting to have less superficial conversations I could add some depth. The hour wasn’t that tough; I do not consider myself one of those people who are always plugged in.

 When I got back to my room I discussed my assignment with my friends and they told me they have experienced a similar lack of depth to their conversations. We thought that technology might be the blame, and then human laziness was it. We discussed the topic from the time I got back from my walk at 2:30 till 5:00, it an in depth conversation we had all been subconsciously desired. After our conversation, I got a slice of pizza and did some work till bed.

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