Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Briana Roberts
Professor Juniper

The real me

The day I picked to do my iexamen was this past Monday. Going into the self-observation, I already knew what I was supposed to discover about myself. I am naturally a shy person around people who I am not comfortable with. This iexamen proved my assumptions right when I noticed I communicate with people in an awkward way.
I have the tendency to not voice out my opinions and or answers when talking amongst my peers or in class. I have a bit of a stutter, so at times it is hard for me to get my point across.  This is the reason why I never say what I am thinking because it is hard for me to voice it. However, this mostly happens in class. When the teacher told us to work in partners, I barely talked because I was uncomfortable. I knew the answer, I just did not want to talk because I second guess myself all the time. Many people may think I’m a serious quiet student, but when I am around my friends I do have my dumb loud moments.
            When I text or use other social media sights, I noticed I put the abbreviation of laugh out loud “lol” either before or after I write something. I do this because I think the person reading the message might take it the wrong way. I have to put a form of happiness in the text or I will think I am being too rude.  
            When I turned off my cell phone and electronics, I focused better on others body language and how they react to what I say. I picked up when I offended whoever I was conversing with. When that happen, I would redirect the conversation, apologize, or walk away. I become aware of my problem of saying what’s on my mind. This is why whenever I talk, I try to always smile to give off a light aura or deceive the person with my happy tone. It makes them think I am only playing around.  
            When I went back to using my phone and other electronics, I realized I relate better to people when I am not talking to them through a device. When I’m texting and the conversation died, I would not text back. But when talking face to face, I think I bond better with the person. The reason is I need to find topics to talk about. This brought out our true personalities and weirdness. I also enjoyed the talks I had with my friends during my one hour time. I unknowingly went over the time. But I really did enjoyed “real” talking and learning about my habits.

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