Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I Made a Difference Today

This is going to be great. Too often I just spit out words even if it is not what I truly mean. This assignment might be considered a challenge but I welcome it with open arms. Kind, useful, and true. Today I will be kind, useful, and true.  

Kind [kiand]– considerate or humane.
Useful [yoos-ful]-beneficial, serviceable, or helpful
True [troo]- real, genuine, or authentic.[1]

            It is clear in the definitions of the words kind, useful, and true that they are pure, natural, humane qualities. Why is it that so many of us get caught up in the day to day nonsense and take for granted these beautiful qualities that we each withhold. Those who portray these qualities not only act happier, but they glow. As corny as that sounds it is true. Whenever I spoke today, I smiled. Nothing in my opinion is brighter or more honest than a smile. Everything I said came from within. I did not worry about someone taking my words the wrong way, hurting someone’s feelings, or portraying a character untrue to myself. I simply smiled, and spoke.
            I spoke to strangers today. I spoke to classmates, to past professors, to the women at Starbucks, and to the maintenance man who so kindly came to fix my window. All of these people that fill Loyola’s campus are a part of my life, and I seldom appreciate their friendly companionship. They’re here not to just be passer-bys, but for me to learn from, to share my experiences with, and to talk—simply just to talk.
            I took people by surprise today. I’m typically sarcastic with my friends a large chunk of the time. Not today. Today, I told my roommate who was in a mid-college crisis,  “all of your hard work will pay off. You’re not only smart and dedicated but you have a great personality—and companies can’t resist a triple threat.” She stared at me. A solid 90 seconds of silence. She was waiting for the punch line, for me to break out in laughter, or the grand finale… drum roll please? After another 30 seconds of silence, I stood up and said, “but seriously.” She just sat there and smiled.
            I laughed today. I laughed a lot to think about it. When all the worries, stress, and negative thoughts are out of mind, how can someone resist laughter? Laughter is so pure. I did not only laugh at jokes, but when I was happy, or when someone responded to my kind words with joy and appreciation. I laughed at the little things. I laughed at myself. I even laughed at my ignorance. Why do I not live every day like today?
            Most importantly, I had fun today. The innocence of smiling, speaking, surprising, and laughing were uplifting. It was so simple to only say things that are kind, useful and true. Not only was it enjoyable for me, but for the people whom I interacted with. Whether they said it or not, I could tell. Close bonds can be created with the most unexpected people if you are genuine. 
            I’m sure Dr. Ellis knew what she was doing when she assigned this iExamen. She says it so often, that our class is made up of truly great people. All it took was one day, for me to realize that she was right. All I can do is hope that I was able to pass that same realization along to another person today. 
             I made a difference today. 

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