Wednesday, October 23, 2013

iExamen 2

My hilarious ways

Going into this assignment, I knew I was going to have a difficult time because the way I joke around is consider mean, which is true most of the time. I was actually going to do my self-observation on Saturday while I was in a big group sitting. I wanted to see if I could change the way I act around my friends and try to be calmer and say only nice things. To my dismay, I noticed I was even more mean and wild. I don’t know if it was due to my brother visiting me- we have a love-hate relationship- or if it was something else. Whatever the case, I choose to redeem myself on Monday instead.
I thought Monday was the best day to do my self-observation because I was schedule to work that day. To my reassurance, it was in fact the right day. I work in Campion as a desk assistant, swiping the students into the dorm building. While at work, this guy told his friend, in front of me, that I was his favorite desk assistant because I am the nicest one. He then told me to tell the other DA’s that they were very mean. This was the highlight of my day. I guess saying hi and making small talk with the people who pass by brings comfort to their minds.
After the encounter with the guy, when I went back to my dorm to swipe in I said thank you to the DA. But has soon as she swiped my card, she immediately picked up her phone and said nothing in return. At that moment I compared myself to her based on what the guy said earlier. I thought she was very rude. But then I realized that I shouldn’t judge her based on that happenstance. She probably is the nicer one between the two of us. For the rest of the day when I talked to my roommates, I did not yell or cruelly joke around with them. I had a pretty good conversation at dinner with two of my roommates. However, there was a mean topic at one point during dinner. I surprised myself by not putting in my opinions and instead questioned what was going on.
What I took out of this reflection of the self was that I can be the sweet person people make me out to be. Because I am a shy individual, many people think I could do no harm. If I try to be nice all the time and say what is truthful in a nice way, life would be pretty boring. Not only do I make memories by acting a fool, on Saturday I embarrassed my brother by playfully yelling at him in front of people, but I also stay true to myself. When you get to really know me, what you see is what you get. I was born to joke around, so being friends with serious people or with others who don’t get my sense of humor will never work out. 

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