Wednesday, October 23, 2013

iExamen 2

Jeneh Perry
October 22, 2013
iExamen 2
Being Kind, Useful, and Ture
Going into this iExamen assignment I was excited to observe how nice I am when communicating with my peers. Sometimes being truthful is not always kind so thought that part of the assignment would be kind of hard to do. I assumed that I would not notice much difference since I feel like I am a pretty kind person in general. I thought that everything would be the same, but I realized that there is an appropriate time for being kind and there is a time for being truthful.
I am much more true in texts than in person. Text messages are easier to just say what you need to say without worrying about a physical reaction. This is helpful because it can help the person be able to handle it better. For example, I was with a friend who had a had gotten something on the back of her pants and she was walking across the quad and instead of yelling it out to her I texted her so she wouldn’t be embarrassed because she didn’t know it was there. It was easier to tell her because I could just text her and be done with it. Talking in person I found to be totally different when it came to being true and kind because what was true was not always kind. A random lady next to me in a Forever 21 dressing room asked me about a shirt she was trying on and asked me if I thought it looked good. Truthfully I did not like the shirt but I couldn’t think of a truthful way to say it and still be kind about it, so I just told her I thought it was a nice shirt and avoided the fact that I didn’t think it was flattering to her. I think many people experience times like this where they don’t want to seem mean or rude so they try to avoid the situation to the best of their ability. I learned that I, in general, am kinder in person them on social media and texting. I care more about people’s feelings when we are face to face. I enjoyed this experience and I plan on being more conscious of this so I can do it on a regular basis. 

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