Wednesday, October 23, 2013

iExamen 2

Lindsey Dzielak
October 22, 2013
Light Hearted Sarcasm.
I chose to perform this iExamen on Friday October 18th. I chose this day because I was with my closest friends and was meeting new people. I went to visit my sister at UConn that day and normally we just hang out, watch television, cook, etc. but that day she had plans in store for us. She wanted to introduce me to all her sorority friends and we also hung out with kids I went to high school with. This iExamen was difficult. I went through many trial and errors. What I mean by this is that when I found myself being honest, it was not always kind. I am not honest in a mean way, but if I was not keen on something, such as my sister choice of wardrobe, I would be too honest. When she asked me if I liked it I said, “it was not my favorite, maybe this shirt would be better”. And then she got defensive and asked why. This is where I had issues. I found myself having to think of creative ways to say something negative, or, like I chose to do, I just changed topics.
Normally when I am with people I am comfortable with (my sister and friends from high school) I am very sarcastic. While performing this iExamen I realize sarcasm is my way out of uncomfortable situations. I caught myself sometimes using sarcastic remarks instead of saying something kind, useful, and truthful. I never thought of my sarcasm as my escape from awkward encounters until this assignment.
Reflecting, it makes me feel a how uncreative I am, which I do not mind at all.
I realize that words are not a way of communication that I am most comfortable with. When I caught myself using sarcasm I would try and think of a better, more honest and kind way of saying something, but I was at a loss. I was easily frustrated.
            My main regard was that when I was kind it was not always honest, but when I was honest I was not always kind. The useful part of this assignment was easier, because I didn’t always speak when I didn’t know what to say, therefor there were no useless words. I also tried my best to veer from sarcasm, therefor my normal useless, sarcastic words were not there.
            The way people reacted was also amusing. My sister didn’t know what was going on with me because I was so nice and quiet (the quiet being the rare one). My best friend thought something was bothering me all morning because I wasn’t my sarcastic funny self. I guess my humor comes from my sarcasm and because it is useless I lost my humor. I finally gave in and told them half way through the day so they understood I wasn’t in a weird mood, just merely a class assignment.
            I thought going into this assignment it would be much easier then it was. I though I would be able to be honest, kind, and useful, all at the same time, but I quickly realized how difficult that was. This experience made me realize how uncomfortable I am with people if I am not sarcastic. I am not sarcastic in a mean way, just lighthearted sarcasm.

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