Wednesday, October 23, 2013

iExamen 2

Patrick Donohue
Dr. Ellis
Understanding Literature
23 October 2013

iExamen 2

            My alarm sounded sharply 8:00am on Sunday, October 20th.  The smell of bacon filled the room, and as I stumbled down the stairs the smell got stronger and stronger.  Reaching the kitchen I found my mother and father preparing my last home-cooked breakfast for about a month.  My sister and I both came home for the weekend and my parents were trying their best to make sure I received enough home cooked meals while home.  Both my mom and dad greeted me by a kiss to the forehead.  We sat at the kitchen table, like we had down for thousands of meals before, and talked about our plans for the day.  My plans included sitting around in sweats until it was time me to begin the four-hour drive back to Baltimore. 
            I tried my best to communicate in a kind, useful, and true manner.   After breakfast my plans changed as I was told I would be visiting my grandparents.  I joyfully agreed, as I do not get to spend much time with them as I am at school for 8 months of the year.  My grandparents always ask about my grades and how I was situated down at school, unlike the times before I was unable to embellish my grades and truthfully told them my B average.  They commended me for working so hard and were proud of me.  I thought to myself wow that was refreshing telling the truth and being applauded for it, that felt nice.  My time with them was pleasant and refreshing, I could not ask for a better time.  
I realized while communicating with my mother, many details I usually include needed to be omitted as I was making an effort to make my day a positive one and not dwell on negatives, like some of the events that occurred the night before with my friends. Another act that I could not do was exaggerate any stories I had and tell how it was.  It seemed to be dull and boring, that is not to say that my life is overly boring, but just normal.  My usual course of action is to embellish some details from the night before to one up on of my friends.  Many of us have a competitive nature like this and we consider it an unspoken ritual. 

Upon returning to the dorms, my roommates and I sat down and we spoke of what we had done over the weekend and the traffic we encountered. The day was coming to a close and refreshing idea that came back to my mind was that I did not have to impress anyone with anything that I did.  My conversations over the past twelve hours were truthful and from the heart and I had nothing to hide.   It has always been said that a little white lie would never hurt anyone, but from what I found little white lies don’t matter and people around you who care for you will take the good and the bad of you.  

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