Wednesday, October 23, 2013

iExame 2

Adam Safi
Professor Ellis
iExamen 2
            My iExamen began on Thursday, October 17th the last day of class before fall break. When I woke up I started packing for my long journey North back to my home state of Connecticut. I was so excited to see my mom and sleep in my own bed, however I felt bad leaving my roommate Vanya alone for the weekend. I saw him making breakfast in the kitchen of our apartment, so I decided to say goodbye and wished him a good weekend before he went off to class. After I finished packing my things, I was anticipating my departure; my girlfriend and I were taking her car for a long five-hour ride. I told myself before class that I was going to concentrate on being a joyous contributor. I kept that in the back of my mind as I proceeded to exit Campion Towers, smiling and waving to friendly faces along the way.
            When I arrived to class, my English teacher, Professor Ellis, was in a cheerful mood as she greeted me with her usual salutation. Class went by quickly and all I could think of was my mother’s sweet embrace. Before I knew it I was sitting at my desk in my next class, Spanish, conversing with my peers. I began a casual, friendly, honest, useful conversation with my loose-tongued neighbor about the prior night’s homework. We both realized we had the same problem on question number three, so we discussed the correct answers and I felt more comfortable with our assignment. Spanish class went swiftly just like English class, and I could almost taste my mother’s home cookin’.
            Last class of the day, Astronomy, was here before I knew it and I was sitting next to my ravishing girlfriend as we discussed last minute travel plans. I did not think I was acting very different from myself, but my girlfriend seemed to catch on and asked why I was being so nice. I did not tell her about the assignment, but kept going with my kind personality throughout class. My girlfriend and classmates seemed to be pleased with my surprisingly caring, friendly behavior and I realized I was very pleased with myself. I noticed I was happier and the people surrounding me seemed more cheerful as well.
            My girlfriend and I packed her car and set off on our long journey to the Nutmeg State. The ride home consisted of music we both enjoy, and laughs shared between us. We left around 6:00 in the evening, hoping we would not get stuck in any traffic or bad weather. God must have been on our side because we sailed smooth the whole way home with nothing impeding our voyage. We both spoke of our excitement to be almost home, and our growing hunger. When we arrived at my house my mother greeted us at the door and we promptly sat at the family room table in front of a huge pasta dinner.

            During dinner I illuminated both Jessie and my mother about my assigned iExam, both of them thought it was an interesting task. From my iExamen I realized that I tend to have a pessimistic attitude toward a lot of things. However, when I focused I was able to keep a charismatic mood, which allowed me to connect with Jessie, my mother, and my peers in an honest and useful way.

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