Wednesday, October 23, 2013

iExamen 2

Victor Ruiz Diaz
Dr. Ellis
EN 101.09
24 October 2013
iExamen 2
                I decided to do my iExamen on Friday October 18th because that morning I woke up with the smell of sweet pancakes instead of an annoying alarm, and I felt that this day was the appropriate one to experiment with this iExamen. I went home for Fall Brake that Thursday afternoon after our EN 101 class because I wanted to spend an extra night with my mother.  I got out of bed right away to enjoy the gloriousness of those delicacies, and then while mom and I were having breakfast I started my self-observation. Usually I am kind and do not tell lies to my mom, but since everything had to be this way she noticed that I was not talking normally. After a few minutes she said “Victor would you stop behaving like the silly five year old you were with this new fancy way of talking, just tell me what do you want this time and I will buy it”. This shocked me because my mom found out really quick that I was behaving differently without me telling her about the iExamen, also I laughed about her method of finding out when I am trying to appease something that I totally mess out or whenever I want something special I will always be super kind in order to pleased her. I decided to tell her about the iExamen in order for her to trust me again.
                Then after my mom went to work I decided to video chat with my father and sister, later I would find out that I should have called another day. As I was talking with my sister she pointed out her wedding date telling me that I have to be there standing next to her, otherwise she would never talk to me again. She got really mad at me because I told her my current availability about the trip, that the date does not fit with the Loyola calendar because a day after her wedding 2nd semester classes begin. But by being kind and understandable I told her that I will miss the first classes because this event as she describes it will be a once in a life time moment.  After the long agony I finally talked with my father, I did not find anything out of normal with our conversation because he did most of the talking.
                For most of the day I stayed home and watch some movies while I waited to meet with my friends. Here it was when I really had a hard time trying to communicate because everything I said seemed out of topic, I had once again to mention the iExamen. I was quiet for most of the time, I just laughed every time I heard my friends cursing each other when we were playing video games. It made me also realize that I play better when I concentrate and I do not waste my energy screaming at my opponent every second. For my last activity of the day mom and I went to my uncle and aunt house for a small dinner party. I did not have much troubles taking with them because even without the iExamen in mind I would have to be kind and respectful to my uncle and aunt.

                This iExamen was a little bit harder to accomplish because of its higher degree of difficulty that makes you change your way of taking and expressing to others. I did not allow me to make funny jokes or sarcastic comments about my friends which is usually my style of communication either verbally or by technology. This second iExamen made me compare how people in the Victorian Era used to live, as we see in books and movies how everybody was respectful to one another, kids and adults did not use harm words most of the times when they were talking back then. But I enjoyed seeing a different part of me that communicates very kindly and usefully in every conversation, even though my mind thought differently. 

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