Wednesday, October 23, 2013

iExamen 2

John Jacob
EN 101.16
Dr. Ellis
iExamen 2
 The little things 
            To be completely honest, and really hoping this does not seem too egotistic, but this assignment came natural to me and I did not even notice the times I was sincere until I reflected on them. Today turned out to be funny, down to earth, and heartwarming. I spoke and spent time with people I see everyday and people I only hope to see every now and then during class, between classes, and after class.
            Every day walking to class I occasionally see people I know, and I always ask how their day is going. Doing this I hope to let them know that they can be comfortable with me and that I am an easy person to talk to. Today I especially made sure to say hi to people I am acquainted with. Their reaction always came with a smile and an “I’m well, how are you?” I am the kind of person that likes to give more than receive. I heard a quote that I now live by: “What is life if you are only living it for yourself?” This quote always reminds me to be kind to others. I have the mentality where I believe radiating a good vibe is important and making other peoples day makes my day in return.
            I usually have lunch with my girlfriend every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I always try to be as chivalrous as possible because I really like her. I always wait for her to walk before me, wait till she’s finished to get her food and sit down. Today we had lunch with a couple friends of ours to catch up so I didn’t really have time to spend with her alone. Instead, I took her on a Starbucks date and she vented to me what happened today, and it’s fine I like that she vents to me because then I know she trusts me. At one point, I noticed she was progressively becoming more upset and out of the blue I just say “You’re pretty when you’re mad.” She hates it when I do that. I personally think it’s funny because she always smiles and it throws her off, but I do it for that exact reaction, it makes her smile.
            A few hours later today I hung out with an old friend of mine named Mustafa. He is a grade above me and has been an inspiration and big brother in a way. Today I told him that we should hang out for bit before each other’s 6 o’clock. I really enjoyed it because he always seems to have interesting topics to talk about. I told him that I really miss having these conversations because they inspire me and make me want to thrive myself. He took that compliment with a smile on his face. Speaking with him always reminds me why I started studying here in the first place, and I am so thankful to have a big brother like him.
            Before my 6 o’clock I called Ken, another friend I haven’t seen in awhile. I asked him if he wanted to get dinner after my evening class. When we got to boulder it was like nothing changed. We’re both messing with each other and calling each other names, but today I told him that I was sorry for not being a better friend. Earlier this semester he asked me to join him and some of his close friends whom I’m acquainted with for dinner at P.F. Changs. Earlier that week I told him that I could go, but 5 minutes before they were leaving I flaked on him. I felt so bad, but it was because I didn’t realize how much homework I had. I spent all day with my girlfriend at the inner harbor. I told him that I was sincerely sorry and I owe him a date. He really enjoyed that and accepted my apology. It was relieving because the feeling of guilt and disappointment was lifted off my shoulders.

            At first, I thought this iExamen was going to be difficult and it wasn’t too bad at all. I got to enjoy the company of those that I care for and speak with those that I don’t get the chance to be one on one with. It was a pleasure to do this assignment and I hope days like these turn out to be everyday from now on.  

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