Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Event Analysis

Alex Jordan

October 2, 2013

EN 101.16

Professor Juniper Ellis

Free as They Come

            Being from the United States of America, I am obliged to acknowledge our freedom. This country is surrounded in freedom. There are so many different types of freedom and there are so many different ways to express our freedom. Freedom can come from art, speech, actions, song, etc. In John Ciardi’s “Suburban”, Thomas Lynch’s “Liberty” and in the Shakespearean play “The Merry Wives of Windsor” there are all kinds of ways of expressing freedom. They are also all in search of freedom in some form.

            John Ciardi’s “Suburban”, he discusses the phone call in which he receives about is dog using the restroom in his neighbor’s yard. He knows that the lady is wrong and wants to use his right and freedom of speech but he knows it would not be a good idea. Ciardi also uses sarcasm throughout this story. He said he would like to say to her, “Have you checked the rectal grooving for a positive I.D.?” but he knows he would miss out on something. He says, “But why lose out on organic gold for a wise crack?”. He says this because he knows that the dog’s deposit can be used as an organic fertilizer. It shows the innovation of the people and his freedom to use his resources.

            In Thomas Lynch’s “Liberty”, the title says it all. Freedom and liberty are interchangeable and are both a huge part of our culture. His first few lines really set the tone for this poem. He says “Some nights I go out and piss on the front lawn as a form of freedom – liberty from porcelain and plumbing and the Great Beyond. He speaks about how his ex-wife had asked him was he would not pee like the rest of people and his response was simply because I don’t have to. He wants to exercise his freedom to be able to pee anywhere. It’s his freedom to be able to do that. Near the end of the poem he discusses how his great-great-grand mother had planted trees and how now “men have slipped out the back door during wakes or wedding feasts or nights of song…”. It shows how people honor older things and how people enjoy the beauty and the fact the trees are still living could represent our freedom and how old it is and how it something that will never fall.

            In “The Merry Wives of Windsor” the characters acted in several different roles; each role providing a new persona and new characteristics to follow along with that persona. Plays are a great example of freedom. It allows its cast to act out in ways they may normally not. It gives freedom of speech and expression. Casts can be themselves and goof around all while playing a role that may fit their personality. Being on stage allows people to be open and put themselves out there. Sometimes it crosses their personal boundaries but it also allows them to open up more. This allows people to find themselves. I have never talked to an actor or actress that says that they do not enjoy being on stage. They always talk about the freedom the stage gives them to do whatever they’d like.

            I think freedom is essential and important. It something that can never be taken away and it allows us to be our true selves. We are all able to change things in our lives, to act certain ways, talk certain ways, and celebrate our religion. Freedom allows us the ability to speak publicly about anything we would like. Freedom can be taken for granted but it is something that we must never forget its importance.

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